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The Harry Potter Ask And Ye Shall Receive Icon Community

Harry Potter Ask For Icons
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This community was created to allow people to ask for any particular Harry Potter icon that they've set their mind to. Any member is allowed to ask for any icon, and any member is allowed to post icons that they've created in response.

Yep, this means that if you want an icon and feel too lazy to make it... or just want to see if other people would create it in different ways... post and let us know what you'd like the icon to look like... or what you'd like it to say... or what theme it should be... or what color you'd like it to be. Whatever. The icons can be the Harry Potter characters, Harry Potter themed, or the actors out of costume. Whatever floats your feather.

Then those of us out there who like making Harry Potter icons just for the heck of it [and you know that there's lots of us] can make pretty new icons for the person who's requested them.

moderator: pittangel

affiliates: lotriconask [if you'd like to be an affiliate, just leave a comment on the latest entry.]